I am an interdisciplinary researcher, curator and participatory development practitioner specialised in community and network building, experimental spaces of learning and co-creation, decolonial heritage conservation and social innovation to unleash a new kind of networked agency. A creative changemaker, I’m guided by the principles of inclusion, possibility and solidarity to “engage with difference that makes a difference to what was initially thought,” (Bhambra).

With fifteen years experience in communities and organisations across Australia, North America, Asia, the Middle East & North Africa, and Europe, I am now Founder of Living Autonomia, a not-for-profit launching in 2023 that develops sustainable innovations with young people living with Down Syndrome to support their long-term autonomy. Other collaborations span the Design Studio for Social Intervention, Concordia University, the Journal of International Women’s Studies, the United Nations Development Program’s Knowledge and Innovation Unit, the European Commission’s DG Research and DG CONNECT, SenseLab, the Curating and Public Scholarship Lab, Diversity Arts Australia, NESTA, The School of Making Thinking, City of Montreal, Australia Council for the Arts, and the Museum of Contemporary Art among others.

A Fellow from the Centre for Sustainability Leadership, I am currently on the Board of the Deep Play Institute, a peer reviewer for Third World Quarterly and a member of the Division for Peace’s Learning Solutions consultant pool at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

Dual Australian-German citizen with a base in Arona, Italy. Open to new collaborations and clients.

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