Transversal system change through inclusion, research and partnerships

My vision

Fostering resilient and interdependent communities by building agency and scaling collective intelligence through the complex epistemic-systemic change of our times.

My mission

I steward transversal system change by connecting diverse agents and knowledges through shared spaces – converging sectors, methodologies, geographies and identities.


Specialising in community building and transdisciplinary innovations through open research, participatory tools, experimental programming and strategic alliances.

Fifteen years experience in collaborative communities of practice across Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and the MENA region. Currently undertaking research in decoloniality and capacity building in holistic security – the convergence of physical security, psychological security and digital security for activists and citizens. Also collaborating  on projects associated to collective intelligence, diversity and social inclusion, the next generation internet, cultural and innovation policy – partnerships and advocacy, and civic tech.

Renowned for programming high profile and high impact incubators, festivals and symposia, as well as place-based participatory development frameworks spanning heritage, social inclusion and smart cities. Dynamic facilitator with a particular interest in emergent and responsive techniques to work through difference. Research and philosophical practice investigates the connections between people, places, processes and potential across decolonial, late-Capitalist, post-structuralist and speculative landscapes. Open to new collaborations and clients.

Studies: Master of Studies (Australian National University), Fellowship – Sustainability Leadership

Mobile with a base in Brussels, Belgium.null


transveral system change

= participatory development = community building = public innovation = resilient networks = next gen P2P collaboration = reimagining reproduction = response-ability


= collective intelligence = decoloniality = accessibility = co-design = open innovation = knowledge sharing = public scholarship = neurodiversity = every one has something to offer


= citizen science = practice-based scholarship = “study” in the Moten & Harney sense of the term = enquiry = collective knowledge in action


= resilient communities = collaborative leadership = next gen networks = mutual benefit = strategic partnerships = leveraging difference = glocal = speculative fabulation = experimental communications = radical diplomacy



email: aniquevered [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com


twitter:  @aniquevered

wire: @anique

telegram/ signal/ whatsapp: available upon request

skype: anique.vered