My specialist services

  1. Strategic partnerships and network development
  2. Workshop facilitation, residencies and conferences
  3. Funding, project and stakeholder management
  4. Other services

1. Strategic partnerships and network development

I specialise in fostering strategic partnerships and building community across geographical and sectorial bounds. Renowned for developing multilateral frameworks across institutional and community partners, I take a particular interest in including overlooked stakeholders in innovation and decision-making processes.

Example 2018: In less than one year I lead the scaling of the Edgeryders Research Network to four times the company’s size through stewarding consortium partnerships with the likes of University College London, Nesta, and the Council of the Internet of Things (EU).

Example 2014: Bringing together local, state and federal government agencies, I co-lead the establishing of an intergovernmental partnership framework that successfully supported over a hundred culturally diverse community festivals engaging millions of people a year (AUS).

“Anique is a gifted listener, strategist and change agent. Her energy, warmth and visionary collaborative approaches to our problem-solving continue to exceed my expectations.”

Paul Shore – Social entrepreneur and Creator of civic media initiative “The Street Speaks”

2. Workshop facilitation, residencies and conferences

With twenty years experience in the event industry, I am renowned for leading visionary, award-winning and experimental workshops and events. I specialise in participatory approaches and interdisciplinary programming that take participants to the edges of whats possible.

Example 2018: Workshop design and facilitation at the United Nations Development Program‘s Istanbul Innovation Days 2018 – lead the immersive experiments in the Economic Science Fiction Zone of Experimentation (EU).

Example 2009: Produced the inaugural “Creative Sydney,” now VIVID Ideas Asia-Pacific’s biggest gathering of the creative industries (AUS).

“Your excellent demos at the Zone of Experiment: Economic Science Fiction has set the tone and informed the agenda for a much-needed dialogue and action on the next generation of governance and peacebuilding in the digital age… Your work has certainly raised the discussion to an entirely different level and Anique’s approach to designing your ZoE has helped inform the design of others.”

Milica Begovic – Knowledge and Innovation Team Leader, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and the CIS

3. Funding, project and stakeholder management

I believe relationships are at the core of bringing any idea to fruition, and indeed both my research and consulting practices focus on the art of collaboration. From project management of unprecedented initiatives to stakeholder management of institutional leaders with local community leaders, I pride myself on easeful and groundbreaking management.

Example 2018: In my network scaling with Edgeryders Research Network, in six months I lead the submission of eight Horizon2020 proposals and one UN Democracy Fund application and secured EUR 1.3million for the company (EU).

Example 2011: Launched and managed precinct revitalisation project “The Rocks Pop-Up,” including establishing it into a successful, long-term program incubating thousands of practitioners (AUS).

“…Her ability to read a complicated and nuanced situation and find direct and achievable paths to a solution, and then methodically work towards that solution, is incredible to witness and highly effective towards a given project, team, or work environment.  Working with Anique, a project doesn’t merely achieve success; it also finds alternate pathways towards newly illuminated goals that more clearly articulate and more diversely express the operative values in a particular situation.”

Aaron Finbloom – Executive Director, The School of Making Thinking

Other services

Other services include: open research and public scholarship, communications and interactive platforms, web and app concept and content management, organisational development, civic tech and placemaking.

Example 2016: Co-lead organisational development, change management and strategic planning for The School of Making Thinking, a nomadic college that builds inclusive communities (USA).

Example 2014: Produced the award-winning Emperor’s Quest digital app and sculpture trail at the Chinese Garden of Friendship (AUS).

“… The best way I can describe Anique’s role and the way she initiated and led our collaboration is that she was the perfect midwife for it. I deeply appreciated her practice in how she created a safe and nurturing environment for the unfolding of our endless questions and exploration. The way she held our stories and wove them together with gentle and consistent probing opened up new spaces of voicing and storying I believe in. And for that I am grateful.”

Professor Hourig Attarian, American University Armenia

Partners and clients

With fifteen years experience in collaborative communities of practice across North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the MENA region, my partners and clients span grassroots groups to international organisations. Examples include:

United Nations Development Program Knowledge and Innovation Unit

European Commission: DG CONNECT, DG Research



University College London

The School of Making Thinking


City of Montreal

Curating and Public Scholarship Lab, Concordia University

Senselab, Concordia University

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Australia Council for the Arts

City of Sydney

Australian Broadcasting Commission

Sydney Festival

Information and Cultural Exchange

FBI Radio


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