2022 . ‘A Decolonial Dreaming.’ Co-authored with Grace Gibson in Histories, Myths and Decolonial Interventions – A Planetary Resistance. Eds Dr. Arti Nirmal and Dr Sayan Dey. Routledge India.

2020. Co-editor with Su-Ming Koo and Sayan Day. ‘In Medias Res: Decolonial Interventions.‘ Special issue 21 – Journal of International Women’s Studies.

2020. ‘Including the Invisble Middle of Decoloniality,’ in In Medias Res: Decolonial Interventions. Co-author with Su-Ming Koo. Special issue 21 – Journal of International Women’s Studies.

2019. ‘The Great Dividuation.’ Co-authored with Joel E. Mason, Michael Hornblow and Block Party! in Speculative Finance/ Speculative Fiction, CR: The New CentennialReview, Michigan State University Press.

2016. ‘Choreographies through an Economy of Understanding.’ Issue 1 – Syllabus Impossible, Quiddle, The School of Making Thinking

2015. ‘The (un)choreography of Dance Politics.’ Co-authored with Joel E. Mason, Issue 9 – Radical Pedagogies, Inflexions

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