Entitlements Taskforce

[ image credit: Tania Grace Knuckey ]

2018 – 19, taskforce, EU

Contributor to the Taskforce lead by Rob van Kranenburg (Internet of Things Council) responsible for discussing cutting-edge research on data sovereignty to inform European Commission NGI strategy and policy

“Next Generation Internet is an initiative by the European Commission to get a firm grasp on the Digital Transition. Its response to the first wave of GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) is a legal response, GDPR, that buys time to rethink what kind of smart society we want for Europe. The second wave, AI, Big Data, semi-autonomous systems (from consumer to infrastructure) requires a more systematic and integrated policy approach: NGI as a coherent set of centralized protocols that need to be operationalized in a fully permission-less way. We identified three main areas where IoT and NGI can locate initiatives to bring them into a coordinated framework: Infrastructure, Services and Entitlements.”

Rob van Kranenburg, Founder, Internet of Things Council

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