The School of Making Thinking: organisational development

2017 – 18, organisational development, USA/ EU

Role: Co-lead strategic development and change management

“…Her ability to read a complicated and nuanced situation and find direct and achievable paths to a solution, and then methodically work towards that solution, is incredible to witness and highly effective towards a given project, team, or work environment.  Working with Anique, a project doesn’t merely achieve success; it also finds alternate pathways towards newly illuminated goals that more clearly articulate and more diversely express the operative values in a particular situation.”

Aaron Finbloom – Executive Director, The School of Making Thinking

The School of Making Thinking is an artist-thinker residency program, experimental college, and nomadic investigation into collaborative practice. I was responsible for co-leading the team (dispersed from one side of North America to another) through the process of mobilising their small and young organisation towards its mission of being an industry leader. This collaboration included co-designing their vision, mission, values, decision-making matrixes, human resources, operations, programming, communications, partnerships and fundraising plans. Collaborators included Sophie Traub, Aaron Finbloom, Lauren Spitzer and Josephine Decker.

SMT decision-making matrix