The Street Speaks

2015 – 17, civic media project, CAN

Role: Strategic development and hackathon design and facilitation

“Anique is a gifted listener, strategist and change agent. Her energy, warmth and visionary collaborative approaches to our problem-solving continue to exceed my expectations.”

Paul Shore – Social entrepreneur and Creator of civic media initiative “The Street Speaks”

How can we reimagine civic participation in public spaces? How can we encourage everyday people to let their opinions be known in a way that is easy, fun, and rewarding? How can we integrate innovative and creative methods into civic engagement to match changing habits in social life? The Street Speaks was first conceived as a modern day speakers’ corner. It was meant to be shared and disseminated across any platform or device for different viewing habits and to be used as a catalyst to facilitate discussion between everyday citizens and leaders. It was serendipitous that it eventually became a TV show – a TV show that averaged over 60,000 viewers a week on the island of Montreal. Main collaborators included Paul Shore and Sonny Moroz.